Choosing the Best Whole House Water System

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When it comes to the water in your house there are several factors to consider. You first have to be concerned with the quality and safety of the water. The best way to ensure you have safe drinking water from every tap is to install a whole house water filter. In addition to filtration you also have to worry about the hardness levels in your water. Hard water leaves behind nasty scale buildup that can drastically reduce the life of your appliances and pipes. Hard water also makes things more difficult to Choosing the Best Whole House Water Systemclean, which requires more effort and expensive cleaning supplies. This is why you should choose a whole house water system that both filters and softens your water. Here is a breakdown of what to look for in filters and softeners, as well as some of the best brands on the market.

What to Look For in a Water Filter

Homeowners that want whole house water safety will need a quality water filtration system. There are a number of benefits to choosing a water filtration system that covers the whole house, including:

  • Good tasting drinking water from every tap
  • Safe drinking water that is free of contaminants
  • No need for expensive bottled water
  • Better for the environment, as there is less water wasted and less plastic trash going into landfills

These are just a few benefits of a whole house water filtration system. When choosing a brand you should look for a high quality, easy to install water filter that uses the latest carbon filter technology. It is also important to choose a brand that offers guarantees and warranties on their products.

What do Look for in a Water Softener

The most important factor when it comes to water softeners  is choosing one that does not use salt. Salt-based water softeners take healthy minerals out of water and replace them with sodium, which is not part of a healthy diet if ingested in excess. Salt free water softeners are also cheaper, as they do not require as much maintenance, are easy to install and do not require homeowners to purchase salt.

Get Both in One Place

Now that you know some of the advantages of having a water system for your whole house, it is time to find a good brand. You should look for a brand that meets all of the criteria for both filters and softeners. You can also save money by getting everything you need in one place.

EvoClear not only offers filer and softener combos that will take care of all of your home’s water needs, but they also have great customer service, 90 day money back guarantees and free shipping. You will also get free customer service throughout the life of the products. Very few water solution brands can offer this combination of water filtering and softening products, along with great service and guarantees. If you read some reviews you will find that EvoClear is one of the most trusted brands on the market and uses only the latest technology in their filter/softener systems.


Best Water Softeners

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While salt softeners seem to be still popular today, the no salt water softener is making headway for being more environmentally friendly and basically maintenance free. Salt free softeners work totally different than a salt softener but they are in fact look exactly the same.

Best Water SoftenersDon’t forget that salt is now being outlawed in many cities, salt-free water softeners are now becoming the go to solution for relieving hard water problems across the country.

With 85% of the country suffering from hard water, we know hard water is a problem in your home and we are here to help you find the right system for your home.

Should you don’t know how they work, then of course you are going to be mistaken with the process. Where people state that salt free water softeners are scams is quite ridiculous since they’re essentially saying they are not effective.

Basically, they work in the same way but do different things. Like we said before, there isn’t any reason to get rid of the minerals just the ability to form. Call no brine softeners what you want, but often times they are called salt-free water softeners and may sometimes be referred to as a water conditioner.

The top 3 systems that we’ll review are basically taken from customer ratings. From as being a home owner myself, I have tried many different types of systems from a variety of companies and these 3 are by far the best. I am sure that lots of systems work but the 3 systems I suggest are ones that actually work and are actually worth the money. After years of research and working for a number of different companies, I recommend only 3 different brand that are Watersoftenerpros, Evoclear and Nuvo. One of these stands out a lot more than the others and I will tell you why.

I know there are 100s of systems on the market today but only a few actually do what they say they are likely to do. While there are brands that actually do the things they say they are going to do, there are lots of scams out there. Just do your research before you make that choice. After doing some major research, we’ve concluded that there are 3 brands which make the top spot and only one that we can truly recommend.

For easy instances of $49 a month, you can possess a piece of the NuvoH20 system. Simply because they offer their systems with monthly installments, this option is very popular among those who cannot afford the one time prices of most of the other systems. For $59 per month, you can afford a quality system. They use their installment choices to lure customers who cannot afford the full price of the machine.

Basically, they offer their systems in installments that we think is why many people tend to purchase these systems. For a low price you own your personal system that just doesn’t work. Well, a method that will only work with a few years than you need to buy a new one again. The plan is clever but the product sucks. Pay top dollar for a system that actually works, not one that you will end up paying a lot more down the road when you need another system from another brand.

Based on everything we have learned, we think you should forget Nuvo altogether. Installment choices are not that great if you think about it. Afterall, you’ll be paying the same for the Nuvo system as one of other choices that actually do work. In my opinion, I only brought this option up because it was extremely popular. Popular but not effective.

Best Water SoftenersBetter than Nuvo, Watersoftenerpros is the next most widely used softener today. They have decent products although not so good warranties. They aren’t our final choice but they do have some quality products. Watersoftenerpros products are known to be over hyped and they are one of the most expensive systems on the market.

For a standard system, you are considering almost 2 grand and don’t forget the fine print in their warranties which if you have to buy a new media. A new media will run you another $400 down the road and I have found that the media with Watersoftenerpros is only going to last 2 years if that.

Besides costing more than a normal system, Watersoftenerpros is also very shady regarding their warranty. After doing a bit of basic research, we found that these systems will last less than 5 years and without a real warranty, your likely to pay another $400 in 5 years. This is clearly just another way for Watersoftenerpros to make more money off lying to their customers to deceive them into buying many. What appears like a good deal is in fact a very horrible deal.

If a company is not upfront with me from the beginning, that is a company I would like nothing to do with. This shows me that they only care about money and deceiving their customers and nothing else. Their site looks good, there logo looks cool, but apart from that, I AINT BUYING IT.

One Option is All You Need

Beating the rest, Evoclear comes in at a clear #1. Evoclear has been the only company which i have yet to have no issues with and I have owned many different systems over the years. Evoclear salt free water softeners tend to be more inexpensive than Watersoftenerpros and they are completely upfront and honest using their warranty and marketing. Tested and authorized, you know that these systems are the real deal when it comes to eliminating hard water.

If you are looking for a company that’s honest with their customers along with a company that really cares about their customers, than Evoclear is really a company you can trust.

While you will find cheaper systems available on the market, there is nothing that can match Evoclear around the price and quality and customer support. Just take a look at what a satisfied customer can do. Use me for example. Every part with the softener is the best of the best and because they don’t spend millions on marketing, they can afford to offer you a better system at a fraction of the price. While they may be small and rapidly growing, there are customers like me who have been satisfied for years now. Best Water Softeners

Evoclear’s warranty and their quality products are something that really make them stand out and it is what separated itself to me 5 years ago when i was in need of a new salt-free system.

Trust me, I am not affiliated with Evoclear. I am just a huge advocate for businesses that truly go above and beyond each and every day.

Just give this option a chance. I know they wont disappoint you! Evoclear has been extremely generous to let us offer our readers a 5% off coupon for a limited time.

During checkout, to redeem your code, type in “Evoclear” without the quotes for any total of 5% off your whole order. Thanks so much and please feel free to ask me any questions about anything.

Awesome Post About Hard Water

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Ingesting hard water is not known to be unsafe to humans in any way, but can lead to damage of property within a home or business . If you notice bad effects being triggered in your pipes and waterways, you may have hard water.

Appliances that need tap water to run might start to break down along with the bigger problem of calcium corroding your main piping system To make sure there is no long term effect to your home or business due to hard water, it should be taken care of quickly by using one of the many ideas out there. Many of the ideas available can destroy the hard water in a few days with little cost to you, along with simple installation . Water softeners are not the only option to deplete hard water but they have multiple advantages including easy installation, fast action, and are cheap to purchase .

Since there are various minerals that are less corrosive , like sodium, water softeners input an alternative into the water, like sodium . The calcium will commence to be removed as soon as the softener is started , which is a quick process. Beads with sodium connected to them stuff the reservoir of the water softener system. The bead loses the