Hard Water Conditioner

Water conditioners or “salt-free water softeners, are making a name for themselves since they’re regarded as the best option for calcium in the water. People are now discovering that salt-free water softeners are super easy to maintain, cost less and tend to be much more efficient compared to your typical salt systems. With also costing less than a standard salt system, salt free softeners are also a lot more beneficial to our environment and does not hurt the environment whatsoever.

In addition to being higher priced and hard to take care of, salt water softeners are actually restricted in many metropolitan areas across the US. What once was the traditional softener is currently being replaced by the salt-free water softener and consumers are never looking back.

You are here to learn and that is why you wont be confused with the differences between both. Where people say that salt-free water softeners are scams is quite ridiculous because they are essentially saying they don’t work. But, in fact they do, just not the same way a regular salt water softener works.

Removing the minerals are great and all, but why remove them and hurt the environment when you do not really have to. Call no salt water softeners what you want, but often times they are called salt-free water softeners and can sometimes be referred to as a water conditioner.

I am not here to sell you anything. Just would like to share my experience and the trial and error experiences with you. I know.. There are so many systems and it can be a daunting task at times researching which system is the best. Keep reading and find out which systems made the cut, as we will review the top 3 salt free softeners on the market today. The systems that we will review are Nuvo, Evoclear and Watersoftenerpros.

Being a frustrated consumer in the water softener industry is nothing new. While there are 100 brands in the industry, some work, some don’t and some are just the best in my opinion. If you have done your basic research you probably have already seen some of the scam artists out there, but like I said before, there are some really good companies out there. But just like with everything in life, there are some that claim to do things that they actually don’t do. Let us not focus on the systems that don’t work. Just the ones that do.

Although this is not our first choice, it is a popular system. I tried it and I can say it does not work! Basically, for $59 a month, you can own your very own salt free water softener system. The team over at Nuvo are targeting those who cannot afford to pay the entire price for a system or looking for a cheap system. Cheap in price and cheap in quality as well.

if you are looking for a very very short term solution, than you should definitely go with Nuvo. If price is all you care about than sure, go with Nuvo. I personally look for more when I buy a product. Nuvo is cheap. If you go with a cheap softener, you will end up buying another system from a real brand down the road.

If you cant afford the full price of softener which we have listed later in this article, you can go with Nuvo but just know the risks are there. Price isn’t everything remember that and you might want to wait until you can afford a better system. Price is obviously something to consider, but if you buy a Nuvo system, you are solely buying on price and nothing else.

Our next in line, is Watersoftenerpros Water which is easily one of the most popular salt-free water softener systems. While Watersoftenerpros products do work, they are far from being the best on the market today.

Taking a look at their warranties, I found that what they say and what they offer in terms of warranties, is completely off. Besides warranties, the cost is just too expensive for the system they are offering. We have actually found similar systems that run at least $400 less than that of Watersoftenerpros. Take a look at the reviews and you will see that there are countless customer reviews of having a great system than after 2 years, needing a part replaced and Watersoftenerpros makes them pay for it.

Watersoftenerpros is shady and by looking at their fine print about their warranty, you can see why. Everything not covered under the warranty which is basically everything, is than required to be purchased which is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Why not just be upfront with customers from the beginning?

I don’t know about you, but I like businesses that are completely transparent. If they lie about something like their warranty to get me to buy their product, what else are they trying to hide. Overall, I think you should forget the hype and forget Watersoftenerpros all together.

My Number 1 Choice

The clear choice for clean water and soft water is that of Evoclear. Evoclear has been the only company that I have yet to have no problems with and I have owned many different systems over the years. While some say that Evoclear is similar to Watersoftenerpros, Evoclear is far more inexpensive and they have WAY better warranties. Every system is certified and every system is tested in a lab. If lifetime customer support means anything to you, than Evoclear is the clear choice for your home.

While there are cheaper systems on the market, there is nothing that can match Evoclear on the price and quality and customer support.
Where Watersoftenerpros and Nuvo skimp on the quality of their products to make a few extra bucks, Evoclear focuses on making money by making a better product that outlasts their competitors. While their warranty covers the tank and valves for life, their medias last on an average of 5 years. Just like me, there are customers at there who are so satisfied and never had one single issue with this company.

While Evoclear’s warranty is lifetime on their tanks and valves, the media seems to be the only thing that is not covered. If you are truly tired of scammy companies, Evoclear will give you that bit of relief that you have been searching for. Just give them a try and you will see what I mean.

If you give Evoclear a try, I think you will be greatly surprised. For ever reader of my blog, Evoclear has given me a coupon code to give to you. During checkout, to redeem your code, type in “Evoclear” without the quotes for a total of 5% off your entire order. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really wish you luck with your home filtration. Please come back again soon and I would be happy if you guys and gals left a comment below.


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